Through the Innovating Grant program, we were able to support the film “Angst,” which was designed to raise awareness about anxiety, particularly among youth. The film was followed by discussions about anxiety in our community. Angst was viewed by BCSD school staff and students at Wood River and Silver Creek High Schools, Wood River Middle School, and Sage School. It was also open to viewing by parents and the broader community.

Students In Need

Blaine County Education Foundation supports students who can’t afford to participate in school and/or after school activities.

Can Do Fund

The Can Do Fund ensures that all students have the same opportunities regardless of financial barriers. Few people realize that nearly 36% (over 1,240 students) of Blaine County School District’s students are on the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program, meaning their families struggle to meet basic needs. Recommendations for students to receive benefits from the Can Do Fund come from social workers, counselors, principals, and teachers. The Can Do Fund is used to support any academic need students have ranging from instrument repair for an aspiring musician or health insurance to participate in school sports.

Back to School Program

Under the Can Do Fund, Blaine County Education Foundation collaborated with The Advocates and Kiwanis Club for a Back to School Campaign. The 2015-2016 Back to School Campaign provided 150 backpacks filled with 100 percent of school supplies to students in need. This even included scientific calculators. In 2017 and 201,8 many volunteers helped us stuff backpacks for over 300 students in need. A backpack of school supplies provides an economically disadvantaged student with the same opportunities as their peers. BCEF works with social workers and schools prior to school ending to raise awareness of the backpack program. Applications can be completed on our website, or hard copies are available through The Hunger Coalition Bloom Truck or through St. Luke’s.

Academic Excellence

The BCEF Academic Excellence Program is to support students participating in Academic or School Events that may need additional funding to ensure equal opportunities regardless of financial barriers. BCEF believes that Academic Clubs enrich a student’s learning opportunities.

Education Enhancement

The purpose of the Education Enhancement Program is to provide funding for extra classes to assist students who are struggling with core academic and life skills, or need to be academically challenged. The Blaine County School District provides funding to students who meet certain state-defined criteria with additional services to improve their academic performance.

However, there are a large number of students who do not meet these criteria, yet need additional academic and social/emotional support. The Education Enhancement Program began in collaboration with Blaine County School District principals in early 2012 to determine how BCEF could best support efforts to address the needs of all students and improve academic performance in their individual schools. The support varies for each school and the student populations they serve. Some students need a safe, supervised environment to help with school assignments. Using BCEF funds, Bellevue Elementary was able to create an after-school homework club to address this need. The Social Skills class at Silver Creek High School has expanded to include high-risk students at Wood River High School. This class addresses life skills to help students discuss and work together with a professional to build healthy positive relationships with family, peers and community members. 

Innovative Grants

The Blaine County Education Foundation awards Innovative Grants to BCSD teachers, staff and students to encourage collaboration and inspire student learning. All grants should support the mission of BCEF, which is to promote academic excellence, equitable education and a healthy and sustainable student environment. Applications must be submitted through the online application form on the BCEF website.

Innovative grant requests are reviewed and evaluated by the BCEF board of directors, depending on availability of funds. Grant applicants are required to set objectives and report outcomes, accomplishments and challenges. BCEF will publicize successful innovative grants on our website and through social media.

Teacher Grants

Teacher Grants are for classroom enrichment materials to enhance student learning. A maximum of $500 can be awarded to a single teacher, or teachers and administrators can work collaboratively to combine amounts for larger requests. Teacher Grants are awarded in two annual cycles, in Fall and Spring of each year. Applications for the Spring cycle must be submitted by November 1 of each year, and funds will be awarded by mid-January. Applications for the Fall cycle must be submitted by April 1 of each year, and funds will be awarded by mid-August.

School-Wide Grants

School-wide Grants are large-impact, collaborative grants to a school or across multiple schools, and provide opportunities for students beyond what the district offers. There is no dollar limit and no deadline; applications are considered on a rolling basis and depend on availability of funds. Applicants should demonstrate an effort to engage community resources, in addition to BCEF, to carry out the proposed activities (for example, local businesses and/or non-profit organizations).

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