Blaine County Education Foundation awards over $80,000 to teachers and schools

BLAINE COUNTY, IDAHO — ‘Tis the Season to Give. Blaine County Education Foundation has awarded a record of over 65 Innovating Grants to teachers and schools throughout all 8 Blaine County public schools. 

Blaine County Education Foundation (BCEF) Teacher Grants awarded to teachers and schools bring innovative ideas, concepts and enrichment materials to the classroom to enhance learning opportunities for students.  The Teacher Grants provide materials above and beyond what teacher budgets provide.  Most of the applications were for curriculum support, such as literacy reading decoders for Hemingway and Carey Elementary schools. BCEF received STEM coding and robotic applications for Alturas Elementary, Hailey Elementary and Hemingway STEAM School. Many of the materials will be available to support student learning for many years. All requests were for over $3,000. This year marked the greatest number of applications submitted by teachers as well as the largest dollar amount of requests BCEF has ever seen “Thanks to the support of our donors and grants from community foundations such as the Wood River Women’s Foundation and the Nicholas Martin Jr. Family Foundation, BCEF has awarded over $80,000 worth of materials to classroom teachers and schools to support students.  Not only has the Education Foundation been able to award classroom and lab materials to schools but we were also able to purchase a new vision screener for BCSD nurses to efficiently and effectively test student’s vision beginning in Kindergarten”, explained Kristy Heitzman, BCEF Executive Director. Tim Rierden, a math teacher at WRHS, will use BCEF funds to explore the Pythagorean Theorem where students launch rockets and calculate the altitude the rockets reach.  BCEF aims to support teachers in inspiring and engaging students to learn and find their passion.

BCEF, a 501(c)3, non-profit organization, focuses community resources and raises funds for the students of Blaine County School District, promoting academic excellence, equitable education, and a healthy and sustainable student environment. BCEF relies on grants and donations to support students in Blaine County public schools and does not receive any school district tax dollars. BCEF is in the midst of their Winter Fundraising Drive, visit for more information and to donate.  Gifts can also be mailed to P.O. Box 253 Hailey, ID 83333. For more information about Blaine County Education Foundation, contact Kristy Heitzman, Executive Director, at (208) 578-5449.

Mrs. Grist’s students using BeeBots from a BCEF grant supporting STEM at Hailey Elementary.
Students in the VOICE II Program enjoying a breakfast that the students budgeted, bought ingredients, cooked and enjoyed thanks to life skill funds from BCEF Innovating Ideas Fund 2021.